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What do you get in the Free 10-day Trial Program:
  • Mindset shifts you need awareness of in your life to lose your weight for good this time
  • Thoughts, words, and actions that will help you heal your pain, fix your relationship woes or your financial troubles and boost your immune system so that you are strong healthy, and fit for your future.
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, energized, and focused upon your goals like a laser beam. I learned success is the focus. I used self-awareness, choice, and natural personal power to lose my weight, recover from my second bankruptcy, and restore health and happiness to my family relationships. You can do it too!
  • Four Foundational Core-Strength and Total Body Strength video recorded workouts. Exercise to stimulate and develop your physical and mental power.
  • Learn how to use daily movement to inspire, elevate, motivate you rather than get you down. Learn how to love exercise. Change the way you view exercise. Change the way you look at the world and the world will begin to change for you.
  • Realize the benefits of exercise and its relationship to the breath. Breathwork is stress relief. Breathwork is centering for ourselves. Breathwork is an element of mindfulness and mindfulness is an element of self-healing, self-love, and self-care.
  • Nutrition plans, grocery lists, herbs, and natural healing superfoods that can create rapid results.
  • Weigh-in, measure yourself, and evaluate the results. Make yourself accountable to me on-line and let's track and create a case study for yourself. Make yourself accountable if you choose to double down on your results.
  • Accountability and support that creates change in a person's life. In the beginning, it boils down to creating new healthy habits in our lives. Natural healthy habits take new information to be received as well as daily rituals to observed. Habit busting is about the repetition of a new healthy action. The very best way to break an old warn out habit is to create a new healthy one.
  • 4-day Natural detox. Learn the natural health nutrition system I learned from 7 years of alkalizing my own body and restoring my own health.
  • The same systems and strategies I incorporated nutritionally to get back to my absolute best. The same strategies I teach to my private personal training clients.
  • Learn intermittent and extended fasting from a world-class holistic health practitioner and energy worker.
  • Get my distilled water detox and learn all my favorite flex foods and meals too. Success is not all about sacrifice. Success is about balance.
  • Learn how to get into harmony with your life. Heal your life with acceptance, forgiveness, and balance. Get a 10-day free crash course on self-love through self-care.
  • Free 20 minute set up call. Answer any questions you may have regarding program set up or understanding. Optional arrangement. Schedule at your convenience.



I'm John DePass professional trainer and coach for 30 years. I'm a weight-loss expert with a science-based education and a lifetime of energy and holistic health education. I'm an author, a teacher a coach, and a husband for the past 20 years who is also a father of 3. Trust me when i tell you that I understand juggling many balls at the same time. I know the challenges of juggling a happy healthy family and business life and I know the pain of dropping a ball or two sometimes.

It is not a simple task to find work-life balance so I commend all that choose to walk in this way. For certain our absolute best life experience is the road less traveled.

As I approach 50 I realize my thoughts and words and Images of my future are so different than what they were as a younger man. When we reach the midpoint of our lives we begin to make decisions by re-evaluating how we really want our lives to finish off. The gift of maturity is clarity and peace.




I was a little bit of a slow learner. Lol... I do not encourage anyone to do it the way I did. I went by the seat of my pants through the first half of my life. In the second half of my life, I intend to truly live. I want to do that in a positive, healthy loving way, do you know what I mean?

I tell all of my clients in my program the same things. I have created a system for success. I have learned from trial and a whole pile of errors on how to win and lose in the game of life. Every single one of us can learn how to do it. It really is a change of mind that changes our lives. In my Free 10-Day Trial program I am going to inspire 1 million people to take natural healthy action on themselves.

My Free 10-Day Trial will teach you the 12 key mental, physical and emotional swaps we need to make in our lives to begin to tip the scales in our favor. When I hit 40 my health, my wealth, and my relationship were all in the toilet. I needed to begin again with an alternative mindset to change my life trajectory and begin a natural healing process in my life. Natural health is not a quick fix. Natural health is a lifestyle. It is a practice. It isn't what you think it is... Only because we have been taught not to think about it.

My 10-Day free introduction program is my free give away to the world. It's my passion to a free product that everyone in the world could get access to natural health for free. After all... I learned it for free. I learned it from living.

Even though I have been a lifetime coached athlete educated as a Kinesiology and Psychology I recognize that it is truly the journey of life that is our biggest teacher. What is life saying to you? Learning how to fix, heal, or change an aspect of our lives is really about learning how to develop our own intuition. Growing our own internal wisdom Is nurturing and encouraging love from within ourselves and for ourselves.

Self-Love through Physical, Mental, and Emotional Self-Care. Holistic health is taking a multidimensional view of your health and wellness. It requires the experimenter to observe the results of their own thoughts words and actions upon themselves. It requires self-evaluation of energy, mood, optimism, inspiration, and productivity. It's deciding for ourselves what we really want in our lives.

Loving myself and healing myself was exactly what I needed to do to transform my life and now I am happy to teach my 12 steps to success for free in my 10-Day Free Trial Program.

In my 10-Day Free Trial Program, you will get first of all the mindset shift that you need to make to really make a difference this time in your life. I have identified the 7 key paradigm shifts I had to overcome to get over the humps in my life. Do you have arrears of your life that you are struggling with?

Are you seeing dis-satisfaction in multiple sectors of your life? I encourage all of my full-time customers to evaluate themselves in 7 different aspects. To find happiness and full-filament there is a system.

To be fulfilled we need to get clear about what we wish to create in our Personal Relationship with ourselves and our relationship with all other aspects of our lives. Making real-life change means changing the things that we choose to think about most often.




I have been diligently working on love for myself. I have been diligently working on my love for all others in my life. My health is growing. I feel and see exponential growth in all sectors of my life.

I wanted to get to the nuts and bolts of my program today to help create clarity and understanding for all. All deserve to know that they have everything that they need to fix, heal, or change their lives. All-natural health is free.

Learning how to heal ourselves is no simple task in our current social climate. However I believe now is the most crucial time for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. It's time for humanity to wake up to the natural power that each one of us possesses.

In order to get something different in our lives, we are going to need to do some things that will appear backward to ourselves and to others. How could it be something familiar? If it were familiar then we would already be doing it.

See that this is the point. Natural health is counter-intuitive we have forgotten what is natural. We have gotten out of natural balance and order.

Consider if health was something that you were familiar with then you would already have it. Health, wealth, joy, peace, inspiration, playfulness, and relationship success are not what they have been portrayed as. I tell my personal customers that want to change their lives that it's a change of mind that changes our lives.



Lose the weight, Heal the Pain, Change your Life!

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