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I have been a Professional Trainer for 30 years. A Fitness and Wellness coach my entire life. I have logged over 35,000 personal training sessions. I was in the Mr. Universe competition 27 years ago. I am a scientist.  I studied Kinesiology and Psychology in university and I took that same scientific approach to my entire life.

I've been married for 20 years I have 3 children.  I am a family man and an entrepreneur.  I have a private personal training studio in my home down on the Burlington Lakeshore @Walker's Line. I've been in the gym my entire life.  I have been a certified trainer a professional coach since I was 19. 

Now I'm 50 and I've had my ups and downs in my life.  What I learned from hardships in life is how to take positive healthy action.  If you have suffered a loss of your health or your self-confidence or your belief in yourself then you can get it back with right action.

Right action always creates right results...

 I have been in health and wellness for a lifetime however I learned more about health in the last 10 years when I lost my health than I did in my entire career.  When I hit 40 my body started to gain weight and feel aches and pains.  I was medicated for sleep trouble and was self medicating with ibuprofen to reduce pain in my body.  

I learned over the past decade as I lost 40 pounds and regained my health and happiness that what we learn about health even from the organized education system is inconsistent and must be applied professionally for each individual.  Health is a personal science.  I learned how to reclaim my health by learning how to change my daily habits and routine.  I applied a holistic approach to my health and found that it all added up to health and happiness and personal empowerment.  If you are over 40 and want to get your body and life back then take a physical, mental and emotional approach to your health.

Stop approaching your health like a Band-Aid.  Let's get into your lifestyle and create a fitness and nutrition life that you love. 

To get healthy you need a healthy approach.  It must be integrative to your entire life and supportive of your most personal desires.  If your health and wellness program doesn't make your look and feel your best in every single part of your life you will never stick with it.  You need to learn how to fall in love with your new healthy lifestyle.  That way you will be excited to do it ever day. 

Don't make the same old mistakes of killing yourself in the gym and living a life as a slave to calories and food cravings.  Take back control of your exercise and your nutrition and your motivation for yourself.  Get inspired again.  Get my 7-days Health Challenge to learn how to put healthy movement and healthy food and healthy mindset together to create a healthy lifestyle that you love.

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The last 5 years I Began To Understand
The Natural Science of Our Body.

The natural science of alkalinity and electricity was so different than the nutrition science we were taught in school. I learned natural health nutritional science myself through research into the enormous body of hidden health information that is invisible to the general population.

When I hit 40 my life fell apart.  I had to become a natural scientist in my own life to restore my health.  I tried going to the doctor and the sleeping pills and anti-inflammatories for pain.  I tried the natural path pills and potions too. I learned that as a society all we hear about is what sells products for the giant corporations. What we are told is more about profits then about health. "Big Pharma and Big Agra" are controlling what we all know and understand about health.  To fix my life i needed to take a more natural approach to my health.

We have a big problem in our world, and it's the fact that the food and drug associations are one governing body. It's an epic conflict of interest.  This legislative bias is giving the population a skewed unnatural view of health. The truth's of natural health remain hidden in our world.

10 years ago I began to see the gap between selling product and making profits and true health.  I began to accept the healing truth of nature.  In nature all things heal.  If you are over 40 or 50 your body and life are not getting old.  They are getting toxic.  I learned from making huge shifts in my life at 40 and 45 that the body after 50 can return to health. Truly it is a matter of new information and understanding.  Health for me was a change of mind.

I realized at 40 when my health really fell apart that I needed to take responsibility for what I was creating.  My current health situation was a result of the unhealthy choices and bad habits I was making in my life.  I realized I needed to change my nutritional habits and my exercise habits to change my life. I began to understand true health latter in life after I lost my health.  I put the pieces back together when everything went wrong.

Life began to change for me the moment i could see the  problems I was having were a result of the way I was living.  I learned from making mistakes in my life. that my life outcomes were the result of unhealthy habits.  I needed some new healthy habits to restore my happiness and relationships in my life.  Truly health is about living a healthy lifestyle.  I learned how to include healthy balance in my life.  I took what i learned from a lifetime of struggles into my new online health and wellness program.  When I got scared just two years ago I remembered what I did before to change my life.  I took massive mental and physical action.  I started to take positive actions again.

I had to cast away my addictive bodybuilding lifestyle and stop beating myself up in the gym to change my life 5 years ago.  I created a more natural health and wellness system that was more in alignment with nature.

When I hit 40 my health and business fell apart.  I was personally and financially challenged when I closed my gym.  My relationship with my wife and children was under strain.  I had to take positive action to change my life.  Little did I know then that those skills would come to be so valuable for me the last 2 years while we have all been under so much strain.  The timing is perfect.  The stage has been set.  The world is now ready for true natural health support.  We need logic and we need heart to come together with our health and wellness program.  All things in life can change. I learned to believe this before.  I realized I had to believe this again.  Yes you can lose the weight or heal your pain or change your life.  I needed to get out of the negative thoughts and words and habits I was falling into and take positive action.  I created my 6-weeks to success Online Health and wellness program to support people with a lifetime of health and wellness for an affordable price.

Armed with new information that restored my optimism and renewed my determination I took my future into my own hands. I learned to take radical responsibility  in the past when the bottom dropped out of my life.   I needed to apply this again.  I used radical responsibility and massive positive action to launch my 7-day online training program and our Personal Holistic Health Coaching Program.



Overcome your mental and physical limitations.  Get inspired and optimistic about your health and your relationships and your career. Do it naturally!



Coach John lost his weight and healed his pain naturally. He Believes that All things can be fixed with a balanced lifestyle approach. John believes that holistic health is the way. Successful healthy life is about movement, plant based nutrition, and harmony of mind.


  • 1996 Mr. North American Champion
  • Educations are Kinesiology and Psychology
  • Personal Trainer for 30 years
  • Own Hi-End Fitness a private training studio in Burlington Ontario Canada
  • Passionate Family Man

Meet Coach Dora 

Coach Dora and Coach John are Burlington's best kept health and wellness secret.  Dora and I have been married for 20 years.  We have 3 kids together.  Dora has been a Personal trainer for 25 years and has recovered from 3 C-sections to restore her very best health.  If you are a busy mom who needs some motivation and support to get back on track Dora will be perfect to help you.  Dora is available in our combined total health and wellness program.  We work together and we also work separately.  Reach out to Coach Dora personally or to Coach John or reach out to us both for online health or private in personal health training.  Let's get started with an exploration call.  Email Dora or John through the email below.  [email protected] or text to: 1-905-512-5421.  We are based in Burlington Ontario Canada.



I lost 100 pounds in 6 months” working with coach John.  It was a life transformation for me."- Mark

Mark is my most rapid weight-loss success story.  I learned from Mark what was possible when a natural healing philosophy is embraced.  Here is what he had to say.



“Thank you Coach John for the inspiration.  Erika and I are so excited to start our lives together with positive healthy strategies." -Mike

Mike and Erika lost 85 pounds in 6 months before their wedding day.  Mike lost 50 pounds and Erica lost 35.  When you make up your mind it is powerful.  If you do it with your friend or family it can completely transform your relationships as it did mine.


“lost 120 pounds in 2 years.  I wanted to lose it faster but i am so happy now that it is gone.  Coach John helped me to keep going when I didn't feel like it.” -Melissa


60-100 pounds a year is a great average for many people.  The pace all depends on the person and what they have to overcome mentally or emotionally to break through the limitations that are blocking them in their life.



Get up, get moving, get breathing and then start affirming your goals. Thinking and speaking about the things you want and not about the things that you've got.  I like to say "begin your day in the very best way."

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